Women and men of all ages, who have experienced sexual trauma, can be triggered at anytime in their lives. To be triggered means feeling strong emotions (anger, fear, anxiety) due to a traumatic event that happened sometime during a lifetime. The trigger could be a sound, smell, word, color, age, event,… the list is endless. Sometimes you may hear something in the news that may trigger you and it takes you back to the traumatic event. It may even feel as if you have traveled into your past to the time of the trauma. Know that you are not crazy. Triggers are a real thing. Sometimes, you may feel anxious or angry and not know why. I have found identifying triggers helps take the power away from the strong emotions you may be feeling.

If you are a survivor of sexual trauma, you may have very clear memories, some memories or just the feeling that something may have happened but you can’t remember too many details. It may be too scary to share with anyone. The shame, blame or guilt you may carry with you can be debilitating. I will listen, I will believe, and together we will take the journey towards healing. You are not alone.