When a couple contacts me for counseling I see it as a tremendous sign of strength. Relationships are complicated and things can head south quickly if not attended to. Here is what you can expect when you contract with me. Our first contact will be a free 15 minute phone consult to ensure I am the correct therapist for you. I will ask for a brief, detailed description on what is going on in your relationship. You may also ask me any questions you may have about couples counseling.  When it is decided I am a good fit for you, we will schedule our first 50 minute couple session. During this first session, I will gather information from both people; this includes intake paperwork. I may ask hard questions in order to understand the relationship better. Towards the end of this session, I will schedule an individual session with each partner. The individual session allows for further exploration of the relationship. I am a “No Secrets” therapist. This means whatever you share with me may be brought into a future couples session with your knowledge and at my discretion. We will then meet again as a couple to map out what the course of therapy will look like, how long therapy may last and then we will begin. I look forward to meeting you!