Cost Per Session

I charge $80.00 per session.

Why I do not participate on any insurance panels.

1). Insurance requires a mental health diagnosis and this doesn’t work for me. I believe diagnosis are labels that are flawed and not a true reflection of you, the person. I also choose to work outside the insurance system to protect your privacy as many eyes see the diagnosis as the paperwork moves through the system.

2). I see problems distinctly separate from a person. A diagnosis easily becomes a label that attaches itself to a person and follows them through life. I counsel people, not labels or problems.

3). Insurance companies require clinicians to reveal symptoms, behaviors, and treatment plans along with a diagnosis. To protect client/therapist confidentiality I choose not to be placed in a position where confidentiality has the potential to be breached.

4). Insurance companies determine when therapy must end by setting limits on the number of sessions they will pay for. I firmly believe you and I have the ultimate power to determine when therapy has been successfully concluded. They also limit the amount they will pay for sessions.

5). A component of my practice is couples and relationship counseling. Most insurance policies do not cover couples and relationship counseling. For insurance to be on the table, a therapist must identify one person to be the client, diagnose this client, and present the other people as support for the client’s therapy. This does not correspond with my ethical standards.